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Stocking Stuffers for Big Kids


20% of our Stocking Stuffers for Big Kids profit goes to IntraHealth

We've had lots of requests for stocking stuffer kits, so we finally made them. Good idea, you guys.

These gifts are for bigger kids, who maybe don't go as wild over new crayons as they once did. As with all our picks, we chose toys kids will actually play with (and one to enhance your Christmas photos). Time to make coffee and bacon while the sun comes up is our gift to you.

Toy colors may vary. Shipping Cost is $7 per kit.



1. Horseshoe magnet

2. Pinky Classic Hi-Bounce Ball

3. Joy buzzer

4. Cotton jump rope with wooden handles

5. Groucho glasses 

6. Balsa wood glider

7. Wooden maze

8. Child's harmonica

9. Pick-up Sticks

10. Silly putty

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