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Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids


20% of our Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids profit goes to IntraHealth

We've had lots of requests for stocking stuffer kits, and voila! We are not deaf to your pleas.

These are our ten favorite stocking stuffers for little ones who are still wowed by bubbles. Though these are really good bubbles, guys. We're pretty into them ourselves. 

Toy colors may vary. Shipping Cost is $7 per kit.



1. Pustefix Bubbles, which are the best

2. Hand tattoos

3. Superhero cape

4. Wooden rubber-band paddle boat

5. Dough extruder with dough

6. Handmade star crayons

7. Wooden flip-flop tops

8. Jingle bell wrist instruments

9. Japanese paper balloon

10. Two handmade finger puppets, type varies

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