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Advent Grab Bag


20% of our Advent Grab Bag profit goes to IntraHealth

The Advent Grab Bag is a twist on traditional Advent calendars. It's like a tiny Santa bag filled with twenty-four perfect little toys, one for every December night before Christmas. Put on the included blindfold, and you or your kiddo can reach in for a surprise that will make you nostalgic for your childhood. 

Ages 4 and up. Toy colors may vary. Shipping Cost is $7 per kit. 

1. Growing water gel beads
2. Finger laser
3. Flying dragonflies
4. Glow stick
5. Chinese yo-yo
6. Foam plane
7. Mini woopee cushion
8. Rainbow putty
9. Balloon helicopter
10. Bouncing ball
11. Lip whistle
12. Googlie eyes
13. Bird whistle
14. Rainbow crayon
15. Punch balloon
16. Crazy straw
17. Sticky hand
18. Rocket launcher
19. Poppers
20. Stick on gems
21. Wishing fish
22. Finger slinger
23. Paratrooper
24. Bamboo finger trap


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